Thursday, 15 January 2009

Undertake a final clean up of the equipment.

Computer system always needs a clean up and upgrading to make them perform better. If computer has an old hardware device so you can replace with latest devise such as a memory card, hard disk, DVD drive etc.
· Check all cable line internally and externally.
· Check on the systems if any errors or failed device.
· Format a computer’s drive like hard disk.
· Run utility software such as defragmenter, clean up tool, anti virus software.
Check all other temporary files as well:
· Delete all temporary internet files.
· Remove windows temporary files.
· Empty the recycle bin.
· Remove other download file or programs that you no longer use.

If DVD drive is not capable to read data form other storage CD than clean a DVD driver scanner with cleaner CD. These read errors could cause software installation issues or issues while running the program. If DVD drive is not working than replace with new drive.
Clean-up equipment physically:

To clean up your computer physically, open the case of CPU now to remove the dust you can use a hover or compressed air. To clean the case use some spray or moist cloth, for cleaning keyboard you could use a mini vacuum or regular household cleanser to do the job, don’t spray directly on the keyboard but lightly dampen a cleaning rag or paper towel with the stuff and wipe it down gently. Be careful that liquid don’t drop between the keys. Cleaning the screen of computer can be tough job, again use a window/glass cleaner to remove the dust and marks from the screen. LCD screens should be handled more carefully.

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